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Stephen Tierra

A Husband, Father, Professional Wedding Host and Entrepreneur

Am I the perfect wedding host for you?
Here is my Story.

I came from a middle class family in Rodriguez, Rizal.  Since I was a child, I've always been the life of the party. 
During special occasions and family gatherings, I enjoy entertaining my cousins, titos, titas, grandparents and even family friends regardless of their age. I love getting to know people. I love capturing other's attention, I love making others laugh. It always felt easy for me to vibe and engage in conversations. I am a natural born host.

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I started hosting professionally by 2018. I was able to host Weddings, Debuts, Company Parties, Awarding, Pageants and Online shows. But nothing can compare to the overflowing joy I feel when I host wedding parties. I decided to dedicate myself in weddings.

Being able to host weddings 4-6 times a week, I learned that the key to a memorable and engaging wedding program is to make everyone feel comfortable and connected, regardless of their culture and upbringing. 

And that is what I do best, to connect with authenticity. 

I always invest time to get to know my couple, their story and how they envision their wedding party. 

Come wedding day, I get to know the crowd and make some friends during cocktail time. I make sure everyone feels the couple's hospitality. I represent the couple right from the get go.

Many would say that I’m effortlessly relatable and funny.

I think this is one unique reason why I’m a great wedding host.

I know how it feels like to be a husband, a father , a successful businessman.
I know the true essence of weddings because I’ve experienced it myself.
I also came from humble beginnings.

That’s why it’s easy for me to deliver genuine spiels and humor to effectively engage couples, parents, and principal sponsors.

I believe that a wedding should be celebrated with a perfect mix of fun, class and romance. It is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And I always make sure that all emotions will shine in the right timing. 

I’d love to hear from you, and even just briefly, make your special day more memorable. 

Being a wedding host is something that I'm really good at. I love doing it.
I do it full time. It is my first love, my first and only professional job.
It's what I do to provide for my family. 
It's my calling. It's my contribution to life.

Stephen ensures to have a personal connection with the couple and the crowd. He knows what he’s doing, gets every detail right. And treats his clients with special care.

He is a natural. He can be classy yet funny and engaging at the same time.

Today, Stephen is one of the most sought-after wedding hosts in the country.

Stephen Tierra

When Stephen is not working, he   

happily spends time with his wife, Sarah
and daughter, Serene.

Stephen continues to expand his knowledge in the Wedding Industry. He then founded Symphony Events PH, an event planning company which he started back in 2021. With his wife, they also provide event supplies such as food carts. They also own and manage a restaurant in San Mateo, Rizal. 

Stephen Tierra



The Wedding Reception experience is a BIG PRIORITY.

The one who’s leading your wedding experience is your host. He’s gonna be the one to set the tone and basically craft what’s gonna happen on your big day. Truly, a host can make or break your wedding day.

A great wedding host is not just someone who has the confidence to speak in front. He’s not just a talkative friend or a man with a good singing voice. A great wedding host is someone who understands how wedding receptions should be celebrated, how to orchestrate it, and take care of you and your guests. Of course, be able to accomplish these things in a very entertaining and natural way. And that is why you need a professional.


Weddings are filled with different emotions. There are moments of laughter, tears, excitement and natural awkwardness. These moments happen spontaneously. I have been hosting for 6 years professionally, and I have tailored my own wedding program to ensure that every moment will shine in the right timing.

I understand that weddings are personal celebrations. And there are things that you’d like to happen in order to make it memorable. We will customize your wedding program according to your preferences. I’ll help you achieve it , at the same time I’ll be honest and open to discuss the pros and cons of your ideas in order to come up with the best option possible.

There will be shy-type titos, dramatic titas, overly-active friends, professional and sharp sponsors. They are all different, but everyone needs to be entertained and taken cared of. The secret to this is to establish a personal connection with them. Make them feel appreciated , involved and a part of the party. I establish that connection naturally, no scripts needed.


Something unexpected may always happen, and most of these things are beyond your control. Imagine a technical problem? or when the rain pours on a garden wedding? Someone should be able to handle these awkward moments. Someone who can step up, make things happen and make everyone feel that everything is okay, it’s all natural and it’s still a lovely night, and that guy is your host. I’ll take charge, all you have to do is enjoy.

What clients are saying. . .

Highly recommended host! All of our guests enjoyed the reception program from start to finish.

PREP: we scheduled a zoom meeting I think 2 months before the wedding, it was a very productive encounter. Stephen was explaining what will happen during the reception, his suggested activities/games, what should we expect during our big day, etc.

WEEKS BEFORE WEDDING: Stephen was very accommodating when it comes to answering all my questions and clarifications, kahit gabi na. This gesture I truly appreciate.

WEDDING DAY: with his high caliber hosting and very inviting easy-going personality, all of our guests were really engaged during the reception program.

Prior to our entrance, he was mingling with our guests, he was even asking them if they want Whiskey or anything - he was basically starting the show even before we come in to the picture. Sobrang galing!

For the games, I’m glad we chose Family Feud as the major game. My titas loved it. They were all laughing and enjoying themselves.

AFTER PARTY: Stephen made sure to put the cherry on top when he and his team took over during the after party. He even stayed after the reception to actually party with our relatives and friends. The DJ was also very accommodating when it comes to our requests.

OVERALL EXPERIENCE: We loved every part of his hosting. The program was well-thought of, the transition from one part to the next was seamless, and his ability to connect with the guests with his commentary and wit was truly outstanding. Thank you so much Sir Stephen!

- Jy Meceda

My initial choices were the likes of Eri Neeman and JC Alelis. But I ended up having them both by booking Stephen!

We had two online meetings prior to our wedding. On our first meeting, he presented his suggested timeline, getting to know, what we like, what we don’t like, etc. Then he listened to our ideas first and then later on provided suggestions, and since he’s more experienced in weddings than us, we listened to him, incorporated our plans, and ta-dah, our wedding reception ended up short, fun, meaningful, and memorable not just to us but to all our guests.

On the day of our wedding, prior to the start of the program, Stephen dropped by our room for a quick chat and he assured us that the guests are fine and we shall begin the program in a few. He made us feel secured with his line “ako na ang bahala sa mga bisita”. And he did not disappoint. All my last-minute instructions were followed, even if they were given only through messenger. He delivered so well that all our guests said “ang galing ng host ninyo, walang boring moments, he’s a natural, hindi pilit ang pagpapatawa niya, pwede siyang serious tapos comedy” --- and of course “huy ang pogi ng host nyo ah, saan ninyo siya nakita?” at marami pang iba!

Honestly, the main reason why we ended up having Stephen was because of budget. I would say, if we had more budget, we wouldn’t have booked him.

BUT, dito ko masasabi na yung binigay niya sa amin na hosting performance ay sobra sobra sa rate na binigay niya. I even told him na magtaas na siya, kasi deserve niya yun. So, to all future brides looking for a host, I’ll just leave this here.

- Maria Cecilia Reyes

One month before our big day, unfortunately our original MC had to pull out. We had to scramble to find a new host, and luckily with the help from The Wedding Project, we were able to secure the services of Stephen. What initially set him apart from the rest was the professionalism of his portfolio and his excellent presentation of a variety of different events and to different crowds, showcasing his versatility. We had an international wedding with a big mix of people so having someone like Stephen was a must.

During the planning stages, Stephen came with a well structured program and we were able to modify it easily to match our needs as well as with the rest of the suppliers. He was also able to incorporate some surprises for us from our family as well as some last minute changes for us. Communication was easily done via Viber and Zoom as we are based in Singapore.

Our venue was the Conservatory at the Peninsula, for an intimate wedding reception with many international guests. During our day, the overall program went very well, Stephen was able to control the tempo and gauge the energy level of the crowd to really give a very good performance. Laughs, tears, excitement, gratitude and cheers were all covered! The surprise pieces into the program were wonderfully executed. Stephen’s background staff were also flawless in their execution and coordination with the other suppliers.

After the formalities, special thanks to DJ Mark for pumping up the crowd for the after party and keeping us going until closing. Honestly don’t really remember much but we were very happy to invite Stephen and the team for some drinks at our bar and to party with us!

Overall 10/10 for Stephen, all the guests young and old loved the program and for a lot of our guests, was their first Filipino wedding so Stephen has really set the bar high for them! We would highly recommend Stephen to host for any kind of event and we would love an opportunity to work with him in the future!

- Mika & Linh Phan

Stephen Tierra is an excellent host. Our guests were all praises on his hosting style. He took the time to get to know our story to make our program more intimate and personalized. He also gave out a very friendly vibe which made us comfortable with him from our very first meeting. If you want your wedding program to have the perfect mix of fun, class and romance, Stephen Tierra is definitely the host for you.

- Reginald Zapanta

For more Client reviews, Visit my Facebook page.

The first time I met Stephen Tierra at the virtual meeting, I knew that Kat and Mike's wedding program will be in good hands. The next time I met Stephen, we were already at THE reception.


Stephen’s brand of hosting certainly was worth our guests' effort, love and time to join Kat and Mike last July 3rd. My 86-year old mother said she thoroughly enjoyed the hosting and was worth her travel from Legazpi to Manila, albeit her age and all the discomforts that go with her territory. The principal sponsors got your contact details - galing daw and kakaiba.


Your wedding feud game brought the house down but the Chandelier sing-off and your warmth to "award" the first place to Tobias displayed your sensitivity to the participants and the crowd. My family will certainly get in touch with you when my parents, God willing, celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary next year. Keep safe and healthy. Until our paths cross again.

- Reycelle Rodriguez ( Bride's mom)

Stephen is definitely one of our favourite suppliers. Lahat ng guests na nakausap namin after the wedding, sinasabi ang galing daw ng host namin! Ang nakakatuwa, akala nilang lahat matagal na raw naming kaibigan si Stephen kasi when he talks about us during the program parang ang close raw namin

On the surface natatawa kami sa comment na yun kasi never naman talaga namin nameet si Stephen in person before the wedding. But in hindsight, we realised this truly shows his professionalism and love for his craft — he made sure he is well-prepared for our wedding.

May pinasagutan siya sa amin na couple profile before the wedding, pinakwento niya rin dun yung love story namin as well as our proposal story. Sabi ni hubby, siguro pinag-aralan at binasa niyang mabuti yun kaya talagang para kaming friends on the day of the wedding kung makapagkwento siya. At least alam mong he’s not the kind of host na basta pupunta lang sa kasal tapos bahala na si batman. He prepares for it and makes sure he brings his A-game.

We only had one online meeting with him to discuss the reception program flow, but he was always just a message away whenever we needed anything during preps.

He’s very professional yet so kind and accommodating. Sobrang classy niya rin mag-host and he makes sure everyone is having a good time. Tipong banayad lang pero rock!

And we really appreciated that he volunteered to do our growing up video! We just sent him our photos then siya na gumawa!

He may not be one of the most popular hosts out there, but at the rate he’s going, he’s definitely on his way to becoming one of the best wedding hosts in the country. Having him as our host was one of the best decisions we ever made. We really couldn’t recommend him enough!

- Roxxane Uy

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